Edge of Night

A one act play, part of a series, which together comprise what I like to think of as an unplay, since I manage to violate not only unity of time and place, but unity of character as well.

What is the difference between seeing and believing, and how can you tell, when you can neither see nor believe? Available online at Kalonopia Collective, a literary magazine dedicated to the visually impaired.

"Edge of Night" - Keech Ballard
On the Edge

The Boy Who Went to Heaven

My journey in the world of theater began more than fifty years ago. I started acting at a very young age. My first role was as the lead actor in the Horace Mann Elementary School production of The Boy Who Went to Heaven, a “lost” play. According to my sister, Mrs. Okrusko was the author of many of the playscripts we worked from back in the Good Old Days, AKA the Psychedelic Sixties. I never had her as a teacher, however, so I can neither confirm nor deny this report. My own 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. King, may have been responsible for sparking my interest in theater and acting in the very first instance.

The Boy Who Went to Heaven

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

My next role (Fifth Grade) was the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I don’t seem to have any photos of this epochal performance as Santa’s stalwart foe. No pictures of my antics as the bad boy of Christmas are available, sadly enough.

Peter Pan

My last role for quite some time was (Sixth Grade) Captain Hook in Peter Pan. I was offered the role of Peter in this production, but refused, having found the Grinch more to my liking than the Boy in previous years.

Captain Hook

Miscellaneous Productions

I have participated in a number of other theater productions over the years, including Trial by Jury and Finian’s Rainbow at Glendale High School, Fiddler on the Roof at Glendale College, The Pirates of Penzance at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1980, The Five Rings at Little Theater on the Bay in 1984, among others.

The Five Rings

Scream 2

I worked in a small number of films as an extra during the Nineties, most notably Scream 2, in which I appear on camera for almost 30 seconds of film time, a veritable eternity for most people who know anything about how extra work “works” in the highly competitive world of the Hollywood film industry.


God made all extras equal, but some extras are more equal than others.


My most recent appearance on stage was a Bard at the Bar film production of Hamlet, in which I play four different roles, the first being the Ghost King.

Act I, Scene 1
Act I, Scene 4
Act I, Scene 5

My next appearance was as Player One.

Act II, Scene 2

My next appearance was as the Player King.

Act III, Scene 2

I reappeared one last time as the Ghost King.

Act III, Scene 4

My last appearance was as the Priest.

Act V, Scene 1

Next up, Dumbledore for something called a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat for the children. Sadly, there are no photographs available to commemorate this joyous event.

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