301 Bent Haiku

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All these babies are seriously bent. Unlike the Japanese variety, which by tradition are properly centered (5-7-5), American haiku lean to the right (5-5-7), regardless of whatever else they may say or do. Neocons of the world, disunite!

The Shadow

I had a little shadow that used to follow me
It was always very faithful
Friend for life it seemed to be
Dedicated to my cause and mine alone.

The Messenger

All wise, all knowing, and all dead
Do you know what people said?
When they laid you in your bed?
So enchantingly?

The Drabble

Blue Sky High

In the heavens the stars were dressed
in rich fulfilling hues of grace,
competently pirouetting,
parroting the orb of space.

Magnus Effect

The Rambling Rose

The rambling rose foreswears the dexterous stopping,
unaligned and unperturbed she rolls;
safely, swiftly dropping to a landing within reach,
she blushed and sighed unto my hand unfolds.

Analogies & Allegories

Happy Halloween!

Two spooky podcast poems made available by Gnashing Teeth on October 31, 2020. The first is a cinquain about possession.

All Mine

The second is a haiku about the weirdness of love.


Graphic images provided separately by visual artists and matched to specific poems by the editors at Gnashing Teeth Publishing.

Very cool!

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