Creative Nonfiction

Dancing Queen

A memorable encounter in Stockholm during the Cold War. Sometimes the people you meet are not what they seem.

Secret Places

Nietzsche was a dog.

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Outlander Zine

A tragic tale of love and betrayal.

Spitting Image

Poor Clare had a love-hate relationship with his Uncle Mike.

Ellipsis Zine

A horrifying tale of Christmas Day gone wrong.

Decision Space

Some people may wonder where the idea of Decision Space came from. The most likely explanation is that it was simply the result of an honest mistake. I came to Harvard as a first-generation student with high expectations, but like René Descarte before me, I was somewhat disappointed by the world’s most prestigious university, with all due respect to Oxford, the Sorbonne, Heidelberg, and any others who may feel the need for speed in terms of rankings or ratings.

Two Harvard alums sitting in chairs
Harvard First Generation Alumni Red Book
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