Leadership Analysis

These are the chapters in my forthcoming book on Leadership Analysis that are currently available on Amazon. Each chapter is offered as a standalone Kindle Book, and are best read in the order listed.

External Validity (Leadership Analysis Book 4)

Internal Validity (Leadership Analysis Book 5)

Internal and External Validity (Leadership Analysis Book 6)

Latent Variable Identification (Leadership Analysis Book 7)

All four of these titles may be thought of as prequels to the real substance of Leadership Analysis, which is to follow.

External Validity tests the relationship between Jack Walker’s index of state policy innovation and similar measures derived from several other competing studies explicitly for the first time in recorded history. This could have been done using existing methods half a century ago, but no one seems to have followed through on that. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Internal Validity tests each of Jack Walker’s 85 state policy innovations explicitly against each other for the first time in recorded history, using what I call the Inverse Factor Method. No method existed half a century ago to perform this analysis in quite this way. Oh well, c’est la guerre!

Internal and External Validity tests Jack Walker’s 85 state policy innovations against 105 state policy innovations derived from other policy studies, also using the Inverse Factor Method. The results may surprise you.

Latent Variable Identification reviews the data and results from Internal and External Validity from a slightly broader and more philosophical perspective. The basic conclusion is that Walker’s index of state policy innovation measures progress as a function of political orientation, just as Gray surmised. Technical innovations do not operate independently from political considerations, however, but rather are filtered through the political process.

The next several entries in this series will introduce and explicate a method for conducting leadership analysis as a “thing in itself” using a technique developed by the author specifically for this purpose. Can you feel the excitement building?

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