Keech Ballard


Teacher, traveler, tutor, thinker, scholar, consultant, father, son, writer, actor, project manager, urban planner, policy wonk, engineering aide, architectural assistant, TSM specialist, urban designer, roustabout, bartender, once and future king. A girl can dream, can’t she?


Flash fiction, short stories, novels, and surrealistic world creation

Acting, theater, screenplays, teleplays

Fundamental equation of life

Creative nonfiction, literary essays, memoirs, and fictionalized biography

Storytelling, podcasts, and audio recording

Ordinal style leadership analysis


Chief Executive Minion at ETF
(1980 – present)
Planning consultant specializing in transportation demand management, parking management, travel behavior modeling, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

Professor at American U of S ——
(2006 – 2012)
Taught lecture, lab, and studio courses on urban planning, transportation planning, mobility and accessibility, policy analysis and modeling, parking management, geographic information systems, spatial analysis, research methods, urban economics, and planning for healthy communities.

Professor at G —— Institute of T
(1988 – 1995)
Taught lecture, lab and studio courses on urban transportation planning, urban economics, geographic information systems, and economic aspects of environmental quality.

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Eleven billion can’t be wrong. Not all at the same time.

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