Vernon Lee

Writer Violet Paget, raised by unconventional British parents in the south of France, was an engaged feminist who always dressed à la garçonne.

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Vernon = Violet

She was also an extreme pacifist, held in suspense in England for the duration of the Great European Civil War to stifle her dangerous creativity and muzzle her outspoken voice.

Her books were benignly neglected for decades as an effective form of postmortem retribution until she was rediscovered by modern feminists beginning in the Nineties.

Her views on aesthetics may be greatly admired in certain circles.

Her somewhat more gruesome ideas about the nature and extent of eternal love lie well beyond the pale.

Amour dure. Dure amour.

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Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, self-help books, and poetry, who lives in Las Vegas.

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