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Dear Keech,

The latest issue of Fantasy, which features a story by you, is now available for purchase. You can find the full issue details here: issue link (right click, select copy)

If you clickthrough to the issue, you can see what else is in this month’s issue alongside your story. This month’s issue is (or will be shortly) also available on Amazon,, Kobo, and Weightless Books. Links to the third-party seller editions can be found on the following page, if you click on the Purchase/Subscribe button: subscribe link (right click, select copy)

We would appreciate it if you could spread the word about your story being available in the ebook edition now, and then also when it’s available online to read for free later in the month (except for novellas and novel excerpts, which are exclusive to the paid editions of the magazine). Also, feel free to let people know that they can subscribe for just $23.88/year.

For those of you whose content will be appearing in the online edition of Fantasy, we’ll be emailing you again the week your story goes live online with a link to your story when it’s available on the Fantasy website. At the end of this email you’ll find the posting schedule for when the various content for this issue will be posting on the Fantasy website.

Thanks for being part of Fantasy!

Published by keechballard

Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, He lives somewhere in the desert southwest of the human mind. His work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine.

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