Free Will

Who among us is capable of exercising free will in decision making based on their very own needs, wants, desires, and goal orientations? Conversely, which of us may be subject to predestination, and are therefore doomed by fate even before they are born, no matter what they may choose to think, say, or do? The correct answer is both, of course.

Free will and predestination are both built directly into the structure of the universe we live in. Free will and predestination are both explicit functions of time, and nothing else. Free will occurs when you have all of the time in the world. Predestination occurs when you have no time left at all. With rare exceptions.

The moment of death, which takes less than an instant, is the only time in any decision maker’s life when it can truly be said that predestination is fully in control, for time itself has run out for that particular decision maker. No decision maker is ever capable of exercising free will in its purest form unless they literally have all of the time in the world, all of the time in the universe, an infinity of time in other words. For the rest of us mere mortals, decision making is by its very definition a mixed bag, in which free will and predestination both appear as internal and external influences on the necessarily discrete process of decision making.

The above graph is a little rough, and might be improved, but clearly demonstrates the effect of time on free will. The more time one has, the greater the range of possibilities in terms of goal-oriented behavior, otherwise known as free will.

How simple life can be, when you really think about it.

But where does predestination live?

Published by keechballard

Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, self-help books, and poetry, who lives in Las Vegas.

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