We talked about free will mostly in our last post. That’s because sensible people prefer to exercise free will rather than allow themselves to be exposed to the terrible indignity of predestination. Sadly, predestination does occur in the lives of everyone at some point in time, specifically to include the end of existence as we know it in this world, otherwise known as death itself. Predestination mathematically takes the form of a dichotomous discrete choice variable suspended in time between before and after.


As the above graph illustrates, when a step function is separated in time from one time period to the next, there is one step up in time period 1, and no change thereafter. This type of decision is the product of an overwhelming external influence that always explains 100% of the variation in the dependent variable, leaving nothing more than 0% for the internal influence to explain.

This graph and the relationship it explains is unaffected by the internal influence, which can take any value from negative infinity to positive infinity and still fail to explain even the smallest portion of the variance. A rather odd situation, you must agree. This dichotomous discrete choice time variable occupies a single point in Decision Space {1,0}, and thus has a rather limited dimensionality of 0 dimensions.

Where do we go from here?

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