Dimension 0

Unlocking the secrets of the General Theory of Relativity in Decision Space is a bit like solving a certain kind of puzzle. Perhaps it is best to begin at the beginning. The beginning of Decision Space is not what you might expect it to be. It is not located at the mathematical origin, the traditional place for new beginnings expressed in the form of Cartesian coordinate systems.

The mathematical origin of Decision Space represents what I call Stationary decisions, in which there are no net external or internal forces acting on a decision process at all, yet in which the final equilibrium value predicted by the Bass model is either undefined or infinite in scope, neither of which is particularly useful in terms of decision analysis.

The mathematical origin is not the true origin of Decision Space. When decisions are reduced to their simplest form of mathematical expression, which is a dichotomous discrete choice dummy variable which generically represents any measurable difference between two states of being somewhat arbitrarily designated as before and after, the true origin of Decision Space is thus revealed to the world in all of its magnificent if somewhat hazy glory.

The true origin of Decision Space occurs when the external influence exactly equals 1. The internal influence oddly enough can take any arbitrary value between negative infinity and positive infinity when the external influence is exactly equal to 1, because the external influence completely dominates all decisions at this particular point in Decision Space. Weird, huh? Freaky, no less.

It appears that the physical universe can exist quite comfortably without any decision makers at all, and proceed on its merry way in strict conformity with the physical laws that govern the physical universe, with no help or hindrance from Decision Space whatsoever, but only as long as Decision Space remains wrapped up at the single point that defines Dimension 0, and which occurs at {1,0}.

This is the origin of life, or at the very least the origin of Decision Space, where all decision makers and any type of goal-oriented behavior in this particular universe must begin their journey into the light of day as either relevant and meaningful to them or anyone else.

This then is Dimension 0. This then is the origin of decision making in the context of Decision Space. This then is the simplest form any decision can take under the General Theory of Relativity in Decision Space. So simple, the very existence of decision makers is no longer required in order for the physical universe to operate universally in conformity with physical laws such as gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, and electromagnetism, for example.

But that is only what happens at Dimension 0. What happens when Decision Space extends to higher dimensions? Let us proceed, one dimension at a time, to see how Decision Space unfolds to reveal the operation of decision making in Decision Space at higher levels of dimensional complexity.

Dimension 0 is eerily and aptly described by the words of the immortal William Shakespeare in Hamlet, when the Player King rather provocatively states that:

“Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own”

Fortunately, this rather pessimistic conclusion is not always true. So perhaps we should begin to peel that baby back a layer or two?

Published by keechballard

Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, self-help books, and poetry, who lives in Las Vegas.

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