Dimension 1

We have seen that when you remove time from the GB equation, free will (goal oriented behavior that makes any kind of difference) completely disappears, leaving nothing but the universe and its impersonal physical laws of nature behind. Welcome to the proper time-oriented definition of predestination.

What happens when we reintroduce time into the equation? The short answer is that free will begins to matter just as soon as we “excite” decision making to its next highest level or dimensional state. Whoa, Nelly! Is that a relief or what? The first dimension of Decision Space is represented by a line, but not a straight line. Shades of slightly non-Euclidean spatial architectures!

From Zero to One

Interestingly, all decisions in the First Dimension under Special Relativity occupy a line which is exactly identical to the Outer Limit previously observed in the original DB experiment! How is that for a pure coincidence of a most kindly predisposition?

The characteristics of the simplest decisions in the universe (or at least, in Decision Space) are equally fascinating to observe. When General Relativity is added to the one dimensional equation, we observe that initial starting conditions influence the outcome systematically as a function of the internal influence only. This effect diminishes as we approach the origin of Decision Space, where the universe continues to reign supreme.

When we fully randomize initial starting conditions, we see that Decision Space expands to fill the void, but only up to a certain point. No decision in the First Dimension can ever be perfectly rational, since perfect rationality occurs only at the origin in this dimension.

The most rational decisions in the First Dimension are all dominated by the external influence exerted by the universe itself. All of the decisions in the First Dimension that are dominated by the internal influence representing the goals and aspirations of the decision maker are completely irrational by contrast. This means that the First Dimension represents the door that opens up the possibility of rational decision making in this universe, without offering any possibility for rational decision making by decision makers as a thing in and of itself.

Higher dimensions are required for rationality to appear in conjunction with decision making, goal-oriented behavior, and possibly even life itself.

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Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, He lives somewhere in the desert southwest of the human mind. His work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine.

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