Dimension 2

The addition of one more dimension of time opens up the possibilities of Decision Space considerably. Fully rational decisions influenced by internal forces representing the goals and aspirations of decision makers become possible for the first time in this dimension.

Dimension 2 produces a wide range of decision classifications under Special Relativity, unlike Dimension 0, which is restricted to Luce decisions, and Dimension 1, which is restricted to Normal Bass decisions.

Dimension 2 cannot produce valid Strange Bass decisions under Special Relativity. This is reserved for General Relativity.

The migration patterns of General Relativity open up yet more of Decision Space. The two most common types of decisions in Decision Space under General Relativity are Strange Bass and Normal Bass decisions, followed by imaginary decisions and a host of other more specialized forms.

Once time is unrestricted in terms of discrete measurement, the practical side of Decision Space begins to emerge into a more recognizable shape. The GB model is at its best in determining the shape of decision curves.

Published by keechballard

Keech Ballard is a writer of speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, He lives somewhere in the desert southwest of the human mind. His work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine.

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